We are a National Manufacturing Company of Kits for CNG - Natural Gas Vehicular - with the performance in the automotive market. We operate in this segment developing technological solutions and optimizing facilities and equipment since 2001.

Until then, there are more than 2.6 million products installed throughout the country. This provides us with reliability and experience in the segment, which enables us to generate solutions for new challenges.




How many KM do you run per month?

Using gasoline in one year,
it's economy with CNG will be:

Using ethanol in one year,
it's economy with CNG will be:

*We consider the average of 10Km / L of consummation

*We use the fuel base values ​​according to the site www.gasnaturalfenosa.com.br


  • "Our trust with the products of the brand started in the South of the country and today with our two stores in Rio de Janeiro it is even stronger!"

    Portorio gnv, confirms the quality, seriousness, the search for better solutions in GNV systems that lGT Motors brings to the partners! Our confidence with the products of the brand began in the South of the country and today with our two stores in Rio de Janeiro it is even stronger!
    I want more and more success and perfection in the ideals of IGT! Congratulations!

    Christian Milioni

    Owner of Portorio

    Rio de Janeiro - RJ

  • "We at the distributor Biogas congratulate IGT Motors and all the collaborators for having believed in their dreams writing this success story all over Brazil.."

    Some say that Success is fleeting. Others, which is the work of chance. IGT Motors has come up with breaking all these paradigms, and over the years we have seen that success has been rapid yet consistent and lasting. Chance has given way to much persistence and determination, with seriousness and respect on the part of its members.


    Rafael Carneiro

    Partner of Biogas

    Rio de Janeiro - RJ

  • "We congratulate IGT Motors technology and innovation in the Zeus product"

    The entire Gás & Cia team, located in the city of Salvador, congratulates IGT Motors for the tradition and reference in technology and innovation achieved over the years, through investments in people and products. We are happy to be part of the history of a company that puts the consumer first and we wish great success with the new product 5th Generation ZEUS.



    Gás &Cia

    Salvador - Bahia

  • "I would like to point out that you, IGT Team, have brought us solutions this year"

    The year is ending and we in Ronda Gas had the privilege in 2017 to count on the partnership of IGT, a very dedicated and friendly company. In addition to providing us with quality parts and a payment term that helps us a lot, we can still count on excellent customer service and exemplary feedback. I would like to congratulate the whole Team, especially Lorena, for their education, understanding, and their willingness to take such good care of the financier. Filipe for representing the company very well and this dedication he has to give us confidence, security and interest to always know our opinion about this our partnership. I would also like to thank Álvaro for training our technicians so well and is always available and patient in taking our doubts, leaving everything well explained. I would like to point out that you, IGT Team, have brought us solutions this year. Besides being a company that we can always count on, today we are back to accepting to install CNG in vehicles which we believe did not accept CNG in any way and with the Kit you find the solution. So with all this is understandable the satisfaction that IGT employees have in representing the brand. Congratulations again, we agree with the very important prizes that you have received this year, I wish and I believe that soon you will receive much more. An excellent 2018 for you and that our partnership continues to grow stronger!


    Team Ronda Gás

    Salvador - Bahia